2nd year painting contest with NAGAS LED

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2nd year painting contest with NAGAS LED

2nd year painting contest with NAGAS LED
Theme: "Light of Imagination"

to encourage young people to develop creativity and expand the imagination widen the idea
so that youth who are interested in the arts have the opportunity to practice and develop their skills and have the opportunity to disseminate the work for the public to appreciate
The efficiency of thinking and creativity has been increased. It also helps train the mind to concentrate. emotionally stable have better mental quality
For the development of human relations and to help cultivate work discipline, the development of the potential of the youth of the nation is important.

Details of conditions-rules of the drawing and painting contest

The drawing competition is divided into 3 levels:
Upper elementary school grades 4-6

Junior high school grades 1-3

Upper Secondary Level, Years 4-6

Students who will submit their drawings to the contest Must be a person who is currently studying at the educational level as specified in item 1. and has an art teacher or a teacher in the class. certify the student's drawing work. The content of the drawing conveys The “light of imagination” in the painting must include an LED lamp and the Nagas logo (logo) as elements of the image. Contestants must draw a picture. Ready to paint by yourself by using the desired color (Unlimited techniques) on drawing paper size 31x 42 cm (A3) and digital retouching is strictly prohibited. The drawing will be a horizontal drawing. with margins of 2 cm. on each side and drawn on drawing paper according to the size specified in item 5. Only, every picture that enters the contest on the back of the picture must contain details. /Name of educational institution / telephone number that can be easily contacted / with attached documents for captions and sign the name-surname of the painter Also included in the end of the photo caption (in elaborate writing). Entries submitted for the contest must be newly produced which has never been submitted to the contest or published anywhere before and is a drawing without folds, tears, masking tape marks, staple marks or any marks. The jury's decision and selection of images are final. All entries submitted to the Contest are the property of Nagas Synergy Group Co., Ltd. and will not be returned to the Entrants under any circumstances. All works submitted to the contest, the company has the right to publish. Disseminated in all types of records and printed documents as well as modern information. to be owned by the Company To reproduce the work to disseminate the works of such contestants to be widely without having to pay any fees
For more information, please contact the Special Activities Department. or via Facebook NAGAS LED, telephone 02-751-0688 ext. 171, 231 or 095-645-6457

How to submit drawings to the contest

When the students who entered the contest Ready to send the finished painting to parents, art teacher or class teacher. or teachers responsible for activities will be able to collect the works of the students' drawings with a certificate of approval on the back of every picture. Parents, art teachers or class teacher or responsible teacher will be the coordinator to contact Special Activities Department Tel. 095-645-6457 Nagas Synergy Group Co., Ltd. for the company will be sent to the staff to deliver the documents is the recipient of the student's painting However, every painting The teacher must arrange the picture in an envelope or wrap it properly. with holster corner bracket “The 2nd Year Painting Contest Project” without folds or any marks on the drawings submitted to the contest Interested students can submit their drawings, writing their name, grade level, school, phone number attached to the back of the paper. Come by mail by sending to Nagas Synergy Group Co., Ltd. 103/1 Moo 6, Bang Phli Yai Subdistrict, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province 10540 Corner brackets, painting contest project, Year 2

Implemented the project on August 1 – November 12, 2017.

The deadline for submitting works is 30 October 2017.

Judging is divided into two rounds as follows:

Round 1, the selection round, the judges from Nagas Synergy Group Co., Ltd. will select 250 drawings from the total number of drawings submitted for the contest. by considering the correctness as prescribed Drawings that stand out in terms of LED lighting concepts and company logos. as an image element
Announcing the results of the first round of 250 photos
Sunday, November 5, 2017

On Facebook website: Nagas LED

Judging round - announcement of results and award ceremony
A committee of two artistic experts and one executive from Nagas Synergy Group Co., Ltd. will consider 250 paintings that have been selected in the first round to announce the results and arrange a presentation ceremony. same day reward

The deadline for submitting works is Friday, October 30, 2017.
Announcement and award ceremony Sunday 12 November 2017

Judging Criteria for Drawing and Painting Contest Judging Round

1. Creativity 30 points

2. Conveying concepts and conforming to section 20 points

3. Composition of the picture 20 points

4. Coloring and color techniques 15 points

5. Overall beauty 15 points

scholarship award with honors

Elementary school at the end of the 4th-6th year

- 1st place winner, 5,000 baht scholarship, 1 prize

- wait

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